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Gaurdia Gap

Affordable Value

GAP coverage costs far less than the out-of-pocket costs (rental car fees, deductible, and the cost of a replacement auto) you’ll incur if your car is damaged beyond repair.

Minimizes Risk

The minute you drive off the car lot, your new vehicle depreciates in value and the difference between the actual cash value and loan balance becomes your responsibility. With GAP coverage, you limit your financial exposure of having to pay the potentially high-cost difference if the vehicle is totaled.

Built-in Financing

Guardia GAP is designed for all vehicles, whether new or used, and the cost can be financed with your loan. It may even cover your insurance deductible up to $1000 (depending on your state) as part of your settlement.

Credit Rating Protection

Paying off the loan or lease on a vehicle you no longer have is not only cruel, but it makes it particularly hard to finance a replacement vehicle. Falling behind on your loan can harm your credit rating and make it extremely difficult to get another car loan in the future.